Printed carrier bags

These bags are very popular in the high street fashion and giftware market. They are also a 'must have' for exhibitions and promotions where they offer a mobile advertising space for an eye catching logo. Made from polythelene they are economical and lightweight and are avaliable in various styles such as vari-gauge carrier bags, patch handle carrier bags and the 'vest' style mostly used by supermarkets.

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Standard carrier bags

Vari-gauge carrier bags

A Vari-gauge carrier bag is so called due to the differing gauge from top to bottom. The handle area has a gauge twice as thick as that at the bottom. This gives the handle extra strength without the need for a reinforcement. Has the option of a straight or kidney shaped punched out handle.

Patch handle carrier bags

A patch handle carrier is of continual gauge, but with an internally reinforced polythene patch around the handle, either glued or heat sealed. Usually finished with a straight cut punched out handle. A patch handle carrier bag can be printed up to 100% in full colour, from 6 to choose from.

Vest style carrier bags

Vest style carrier bags are designed for large scale production and economy, a vest handled carrier is made of High Density Polythene, usually of very low gauge. This allows a very low cost bag to be used for holding a relatively heavy weight. These bags can also be produced using a biodegradable material. Printed vest carrier bags are one of the most popular bags used in everyday shopping, most of the convenience stores and supermarkets use them as they are a strong and cost effective carrier bag.

Flexi-loop carrier bags

Flexi-loop carrier bag its a good way to promote your company at a low cost these plastic bags represent an ideal way to get your message carried around. Manufactured in a range of coloured quality plastic with highly durable welded handles.

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